Gabriela Osorio Fajardo, MTA, MTFS

Compassion. Hope. Healing.

Helping you take your life back one step at a time.

Clinical Expertise

Gabriela (she/her) is a bilingual therapist, speaking both English and Spanish, who serves patients in various countries around the world. She specializes in OCD & Anxiety disorders across the lifespan, having received numerous awards throughout her career. Gabriela has over 2 decades of clinical experience serving patients around the world and speaks at conferences throughout the US & Mexico. She provides treatment to patients outside of the United States and low-cost behavior coaching to clients in the US.


Gabriela holds a BA in Psychology from Jesuit University, a Masters degree in Family Systems Therapy from Universidad del Valle de Atemajac, and a second Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Loyola Marymount University. She was a graduate assistant for Dr. Debra Linesch and took part in a variety of research and outreach projects.


Gabriela is married with one young daughter and lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where she is very involved in the artist community.

Gabriela Osorio Fajardo, MTA, MTFS

I was always unsure if therapy would be right for me. Emotions were everywhere: doubt, pride, and admitting there were things wrong. Will this really help me? Being a man from a conservative culture, taking the first step and fighting those doubts were difficult. Thankfully, those fears were wrong. Gabriela, my Beyond Borders therapist, was phenomenal, and she helped guide me every week. With the sessions being online, I was able to attend my sessions without fear of being judged. It was just me and the therapist. At first, things may seem insurmountable, but each week, things got better, and I am so thankful that I decided to take the leap with Beyond Borders.

— James

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