Beyond Basics

8-week Group for Adults with BFRBs

Awareness, Self-compassion, Mindfulness and Valued Actions.

Have you tried some of the often-suggested tools for BFRBs and still feel stuck? Ever feel like life would be much easier if you could "just stop", yet realize that it's not that simple? Join us for our 8-week Group for Adults with BFRBs to connect, learn, and bring compassion to this space in your life.

What is ACT and ComB?

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and ComB (the Comprehensive Model for the Behavioral Treatment of BFRBs) are each evidence-based treatments for Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors that fall under the umbrella of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Through the blending of ACT and ComB, participants can learn to build awareness, compassionate management skills to limit and/or prevent their BFRB, to stop the internal fight against the urges, thoughts, and feelings, and work towards increasing their overall quality of life. Whether you pull, pick, bite or engage in other BFRBs, group leader, Melissa Lillie, LCSW brings a wealth of knowledge & compassion to our 8-week group & creates a safe space to help you grow in your BFRB recovery.

Who Is This Group For?

This group is open to adults with any BFRBs Trich, Skin Picking, Nail Biting and others, anywhere around the world, with a maximum of 15 participants and led by Melissa Lillie, LCSW.


Wednesdays 11am-12:15pm Central, May 29th-July 10th


Online, a Zoom link will be sent out after the participant registers


$65 per session (if paid I'm one lump sum) or $70 per session if paid weekly.

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