Melissa Lillie, LCSW

Accepting, Skilled, and Goal-Oriented

Clinical Expertise

Melissa Lillie, LCSW (she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of North Carolina, Colorado, Virginia & Massachusetts. She works with clients aged 8 and older as well as adults and everyone in between. She has a keen knowledge and understanding of OCD and has been grateful to have excellent training and mentors. Melissa has over 10 years of experience treating people with anxiety and other concerns including: OCD, BFRBs, Anxiety and Tics/Tourettes. She also has experience working with people who are on the autism spectrum. Melissa is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Exposure and Response Prevention (EPR), Habit Reversal Training (HRT) and CBIT for tics. She works with all subsets of OCD including thoughts of harm, Relationship OCD, contamination, existential anxiety, feelings of "Just Right" OCD and unwanted sexual thoughts. Having experienced OCD herself, she knows the frustration, shame and exhaustion that sometimes comes with trying to manage intrusive thoughts.


Melissa graduated from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada with her Master in Social Work and attended Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC for her undergraduate degree. She has had work experience with compulsive eating, OCD, ASD, Tourette, & BFRBs and has worked in a hospital setting and in private practice.


Melissa is a avid hiker and paddle-boarder. She has traveled extensively but always has more to see and learn. She spends a lot of time in her garden attempting to keep her plants happy. Most of all Melissa continues to do things that scare her, intimidate her and push her to be curious about life and uncertainty.

Melissa Lillie, LCSW

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