What is teletherapy?

Expert treatment via secure videoconferencing - Convenient. Comfortable. Effective.

Treatment is offered as a teletherapy service, meaning that real-time sessions are conducted on secure video/audio teleconferencing software.

Sessions can be conducted on a laptop, desktop, tablet or even your phone! Teletherapy allows us to treat the symptoms where they actually occur (home, office, public setting) rather than an office setting that can sometimes create barriers to completing the most effective treatment possible.

Current research1 indicates that teletherapy treatment is at least as effective as "face to face" treatment in a therapist's office or treatment facility, and we have many patients (children & adults) that would agree it is actually MORE effective.

There are even more benefits to teletherapy:

  • No additional time and money spent driving.
  • Reduced childcare needs.
  • Increased access to effective care for those in areas without trained providers.
  • Reduces stigma of accessing mental health care.
  • Highly secure and confidential.
  • Ability to treat the problem "where it lives" — this can be especially important for OCD & Anxiety Disorders.
  • Increased access to effective care for those with disabilities or other health conditions.
  • Reduced delays in care.
1Stubbings et. al, Comparing In-Person to Videoconference-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Randomized Controlled Trial, Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2013

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