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Words cannot express my gratitude for Ashley. I found her during a time in my life when my whole world felt like it was turned upside down due to my anxiety. Having never experienced symptoms like this before, I felt completely lost. Ashley has a very caring and nurturing personality that helps put you at ease during your first conversation with her. Not only is she accepting, non-judgmental and totally approachable, she also knows what she's talking about. While having your best interest at heart, she helps you build the tools you need to overcome the thoughts and anxieties you're experiencing to help you move on with your life. Quit looking for a person to talk to about your anxieties. You found her. Ashley is your gal.


Having our 9 year old son see Ashley for CBIT was one the best decisions we have ever made. I was skeptical about doing online therapy (we are in Alaska), but after the first session I knew it was a good choice. Our son had severe motor and vocal tics, which are almost non-existent at this point. We worked through CBIT for 9 weeks with Ashley and saw dramatic improvement!

Janise, mother to son with Tourette

The OCD Expert! In a very short amount of time Ashley has helped me make amazing progress with my OCD. OCD is different for every person, and Ashley was quick to understand the fundamental "rules" that were governing my behavior and how to overturn them quickly. She was always receptive to my feedback but made her expectations clear, pushing me every day to go just a little bit further than I would have been willing to go without her guidance. She has always been receptive to my questions and provided clear explanations for why she was setting me on a certain path. She has truly changed my life and I can't thank her enough.


I am so thankful we found Ashley. She was able to help my teenage daughter control her severe anxiety. After seeing Ashley a few times we could see a remarkable difference in our daughter's demeanor. We now feel like we have our old daughter back, thanks to her help.

Melissa M.

After suffering from social anxiety for the majority of my adult life, I felt as though I was destined for a life of solitude. After losing several opportunities within my company due to lack of engagement in social settings, I decided to seek help. I progressed weekly through treatment with Ashley, and finished treatment after roughly 3 months. I now feel confident at work, making small talk on the golf course, and in one day pursuing a relationship. I only wish I sought out therapy sooner.

George R.

As a retired adult dealing with severe skin-picking, I thought the battle was hopeless. Then, I found Ashley. She renewed my hope and was, by far, the most knowledgeable therapist I've spoken to about BRFBs. She gave me tangible tools to use immediately to get this behavior under control. I still slip from time to time, but overall my picking has dropped by leaps and bounds.


Our 10 year old daughter pulled out her eyelashes since she was in preschool. It was something we learned to live with, but as our daughter aged, she asked for help to stop. We found Ashley and our daughter was pull-free in about 8 weeks. Our daughter has so much more confidence now, not only because she now has her beautiful eye lashes back but because she feels a sense of control over this behavior.

Lisa K.

Oh my gosh! I slept the entire last night and I cried when I woke up this morning because I felt so good! Today is the best day I've had in a very long time... Possibly the best I've felt in my entire life! Thank you so much for helping me!


Firstly, I just wanted to say what a brilliant company I have found Beyond Borders CBT to work with. I was very sceptical doing online therapy sessions but wouldn't think twice about it now. Your whole offering and experience is brilliant and super easy. Secondly, I just wanted rave about the wonderful Melissa. I've suffered with OCD for many years, had lot's of different types of therapy but, never actually worked with an OCD expert before, as they are very hard to find here. Melissa is so knowledgeable about the disorder and really understands the treatment process. She's been absolutely inspirational and a true rock in my progress, being on hand when I need her, explaining my irrational thoughts and helping me come through a really difficult period. She's taught me things I didn't know about OCD and worked in a way that suited my needs. In Melissa I have found a therapist that I can trust and know will be there for me as I continue to learn to live with the wonderful OCD!

Oscar D.

Working with Jack has changed my life. When I stumbled upon Beyond Borders I was looking for some glimpse of hope in my journey with motor tics. I had been suffering with these my entire life (now in my 30s) and had tried everything short of surgical management. I had tried therapy, cognition altering medications, muscle relaxants, injections, etc. etc. When I started working with Jack I was experiencing tics every few seconds. My day was consumed with thoughts of motor tics, how they were being perceived, and how to make them stop. Jack taught me management techniques that have been, quite literally, life changing. I am now going entire days without the feeling of a need to tic and am easily able to stop tics when the drive does occur. This would have been unthinkable to me just weeks ago. I can't recommend Jack enough if you or someone you love is struggling with managing socially difficult, physically exhausting motor tics. Thank you for all you do!


In just two sessions I was able to learn CBIT (Comprehensive Behavior Intervention for Tics) techniques that have allowed me to diminish significantly my tics, especially the most bothersome one, which is a neck, head and shoulder tic. Jack is a great practitioner. He's got tons of positive energy, is very realistic, and knows how to quickly improve tics.


Our experience with Beyond Borders CBT, and Ashley specifically, was amazing! Her knowledge and insight into OCD, and her ability to explain it to our young teen was so helpful. Her wisdom and compassion, and her ability to share these via teletherapy is exactly what we needed. We are so grateful for her guidance, and truly feel that the skills that our daughter learned throughout this process are invaluable and will help guide her for years to come!

Sarah Taylor

I wanted to let you know that I'm doing extremely well. My fear of death is pretty much gone and I've learned so many things about myself. I have found self-love and so much more, but I believe this journey started when I decided to get treatment for my OCD, and you were a big part of helping me see a lot of things that needed healing that I didn't realize needed healing. Thank you for sitting with me and holding space for me.


I cannot believe how much you have changed our lives! I feel like I have my daughter back and she feels like she is walking in freedom from where she was stuck. Thank you! Thank you!

Lisa, Addison’s mom

With a wealth of experience, I would not hesitate to have my child enter into therapy with Pam


It’s still so new that’s the words will not do the treatment justice. I worked with Jack and in a very short time have been able to stop ticking out and it’s been almost two weeks symptom free . 10 years of torture starting at age 30 brought me to see doctors and therapist alike …. Many of them. I’ve went through the VA system as well as civilian doctors but no relief or peace. The pain associated was too much sometimes and I often had suicidal ideation to the extent of hospitalizations. I’ve had Botox. Didn’t help the tics . Therapist with their tools for ptsd . Didn’t help the tics. . I’ve been prescribed 5 different meds with an array of side effects for tic disorders. Didn’t help the tics. I was even very close to receiving a deep brain implant just to get some sort of relief and sanity. Acceptance of the tic seemed my only option. Then I decided to check out CBIT. Wow! Like my life has been saved in a way that gives me a new autonomy over my body . I can’t thank Jack and Beyond Borders for giving me something I never thought I’d see again . I’m soo grateful! My mental health and mood has been improved according to loved ones. This is literally one of the best decisions I’ve ever made . Not one regret going thru the process. Best wishes Richard H.

Richard H

Working with Jack saved truly my life. When I came to Jack, I was close to the point of hospitalization for my OCD. I was sleeping around 2 hours a night broken up because I was filled with constant terror from my obsessions and could not stop engaging in compulsions. I was barely functioning at all (at times, I felt catatonic) and had to be on high levels of anxiety meds to make it through the day and night. With Jack's help and unwavering support, my life has completely turned around. I am sleeping at night, I am working (and graduated from my master's program!), I am present with my child and family, almost completely off of my anxiety medications, and OCD is not controlling my life anymore. Jack never judged me for the content of my obsessions. He helped me realize the ins and outs of my OCD (many internal compulsions and even external ones I didn't know about), had me go out into the world and do exposures that I didn't know were possible for me, helped me begin to tolerate uncertainty, and even helped me laugh about my OCD at times. He's a very skilled practitioner and I would recommend him to anyone with OCD.

Ali R.

Melissa was amazing in helping manage my OCD over the past several years. I went from severe disruption to my daily activities to moderate (potentially subclinical!) symptoms over the course of treatment. The treatment is hard and challenging work, but if you can push through, you'll get out of it what you put in. I also loved that medication was an option, not a requirement like some other OCD therapists I interviewed. My OCD hasn't "gone away," but with our treatment plan/strategies it has become very manageable. I'd highly recommend Beyond Borders and Melissa for others struggling with OCD!


Courtney was great! I wasn’t treated as just another client and could tell she has a passion for what she does. Looking forward to working with her!


I always enjoy my sessions with Courtney. This is the longest I have stuck with therapy and she is incredibly easy to talk to!


Such an amazing therapist! Definitely made me feel comfortable and I felt as if she understood everything I was explaining to her! I look forward to seeing her again and I truly believe she will be able to help me live a better life!


Great session really helpful and understanding and friendly as well looking forward to the future!


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