I-CBT Group for Adults with OCD

Inference-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It's time to trust yourself again.

Do you ever feel that OCD is robbing you of making your own choices in your life? Does it surprise (and perplex you) how in so many areas of your life you can trust yourself BUT where OCD shows up? OCD is designed to do that. Join us in a 9-week group where we will begin to thoughtfully and logically step away from the OCD thinking patterns.

What is I-CBT?

I-CBT encourages those with OCD to explore alternative narratives that are more in line with reality and the senses. Throughout treatment, the client is encouraged to trust their inner and outer senses during reasoning. They already do so in most non-obsessional situations so there is nothing to learn except to reclaim and rediscover their authentic and real selves.

There is a large body of scientific literature supporting the conceptual claims of I-CBT. Randomized controlled trials have shown it to be an effectiveness for the majority of those suffering from OCD.

I-CBT is also a promising alternative treatment option for treatment for those who have been unable to benefit from other treatments such as ERP and I-CBT does not involve traditional exposures. You can find more information about I-CBT here.

Inferenced Based CBT is a type of OCD treatment that involves looking at thought patterns and learning to disengage from your thinking errors and begin to trust yourself again. Yes, you heard it correctly, instead of invoking uncertainty, we will be looking at how to be more certain using your own logic and senses.

Who is this Group for

This group is open to adults with OCD (18 & older) anywhere around the world, with a maximum of 15 participants and led by Melissa Lillie, LCSW.


Our current group is full. Our next 9-week series is April 13th-June 8th.

Thursdays 5pm-6:15pm Central Time (Houston, TX, US)/ Fridays 8am-9:15am (Sydney, Australia)


Online, a Zoom link will be sent out after the participant registers


$45 per group if paying in one lump sum for the course ($405usd total) or $50 per group if paid weekly.

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