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Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics

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CBIT is the gold standard behavioral treatment for Tic Disorders and Tourette. However, if you are an adult with tics, a full course of treatment can be costly and difficult to access. If you are the parent of a young person with tics, you then have the additional hurdle of getting your child to fully participate.

CBIT School aims to bridge these gaps by teaching participants the same CBIT skills that one would typically learn in a full course of treatment, but at less than half the cost, no commute time and, if you are a parent, no begging or bribing your child to go to therapy. From there, participants can, at their own pace, utilize the information and implement the skills in way that works best for them/their child.

What is CBIT?

CBIT is a non-drug treatment consisting of three important components:

  1. Training the patient to be more aware of tics
  2. Training patients to do competing behavior when they feel the urge to tic
  3. Making changes to day to day activities in ways that can be helpful in reducing tics. It is important to note that many of these strategies are already commonly used in the management of TS symptoms. Upon hearing a description of CBIT, many adults with TS report that they have come up with similar strategies to manage their tics. CBIT takes the best of these ideas and blends them with strategies that allow people to quickly learn the techniques.

Find out more about CBIT

(Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics by Douglas Woods, Ph.D., John Piacentini, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. & John T. Walkup, M.D)

Who Is This Group For?

This group is appropriate for adults with tics 18+ and parents of children of all-ages with tics and led by certified-CBIT specialist and therapist, Ashley Annestedt, LCSW.


Our CBIT School is on break for the Summer, but groups will resume in the Fall! Please reach out if you'd like to be added to our interest list.


Online, details will be sent to all participants.


$75 per session if paid in one payment (total $450) or $80 per session if billed weekly.

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